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Do you have to keep your private editor a deep, dark secret?

Absolutely not. These days, hiring a private editor is considered an asset for any writer, novice or veteran. It demonstrates to agents and industry editors that you’re savvy, professional, committed to your work, and willing to invest in yourself—and that you understand the realities of the publishing world.

Professional private editing for new and experienced writers of literary fiction, popular fiction, mysteries, Young Adult fiction, biography, memoir, narrative nonfiction, self-help books, and cookbooks

You’ve found your way to this site because you have a writing project—a book proposal, draft manuscript, or completed manuscript, and you’ve…

If you’ve reached any of these stages, it’s time for you to work with a professional editor.  Every proposal and manuscript needs editing, but effective, reach-your-goal editing won’t come from your best friend, spouse, partner, sibling, agent, or a novice freelance editor; it requires an experienced pro.

For more than fifteen years I’ve been helping writers of literary fiction, popular fiction, mysteries, Young Adult fiction, biography, memoir, self-help, and narrative nonfiction rethink and rewrite their work until it’s the best it can be.  And in this publishing climate your work must be the best in order to capture the attention first of agents and then of publishers.  The days when literary agents and industry editors could spend time helping writers turn straw into gold are long gone, and any writer trying to get published will face that fact and hire professional help before submitting.

Of course, hiring professional help doesn’t guarantee you’ll get published; any private editor who tells you so is not only mistaken, she’s misleading you.  But there’s a pretty good guarantee that if your manuscript or proposal is not in perfectly edited shape you’ll get no interest from agents and you won’t make it to the next step—finding a publisher.  So it’s my job to give you great editing, as well as encouragement, support, and detailed help in realizing the full potential of your work.  Together we’ll solve the problems in your proposal or manuscript: structure, plot, character, language, voice, depth, insight, humor, backstory, subtext, even grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  What’s missing, we’ll find.  What’s almost good enough, we’ll improve.  What’s wrong, we’ll fix.  And what’s right, we’ll applaud and leave alone.

The work you and I do together will be rigorous, but I treat writers with the compassion, care, confidentiality, and respect they deserve.  You’ll emerge from the private editing process with renewed energy for your project, a far better proposal or manuscript, and your ego intact.  I’m on your side, bringing all the wisdom and skill that comes from thirty years of writing and publishing and more than fifteen years of private editing.